Reading Corner: Guilty Pleasure

7:43:00 PM

I know not everyone admits to reading the Twilight Saga, but that series was a great guilty pleasure. If you loved that series, you should definitely check out the Losing It series by Cora Carmack. The first book is about a girl who is 22 and still has not lost her virginity. In her quest to do so, she falls into a forbidden romance yet he doesn't know of her hidden secret. Great characters and interesting story line for this coming of age story. In the second book, Faking it, the story leaves off and follows another character and his quest to find love and forget the girl who scorned him. He ends up being asked to be an unlikely girl's pretend boyfriend and romance ensues. Both are great summer reads that will keep your entertained until the last page. If you have an ereader, you might be able to find them for under $3.00/book. A great steal! And if you like the series, the third installment, Keeping Her, comes out August 13th.

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