State Fair

6:02:00 PM

Sweater: Coincidence & Chance | Tank: Silence & Noise | Shorts: Target | Wedge Sneakers: Target | Fringe Purse: Ecote

This weekend was the final weekend of the Texas State Fair. My parents have never been, so they came up for the weekend and we spent the day perusing through the many exhibits, games, and food stands. Chevrolet had a drive course set up, so we were able to test drive some of their vehicles. Of course my husband wanted to get into a Camarro.
Unfortunately Big Tex caught on fire last night, so we had to settle on taking pictures with his miniature wood-carving in the greenhouse exhibit.
We spent a lot of time playing games so my parents could win this amazing Scooby Doo toy for their grand-kids....I tried to steal him for myself. :) Overall it was a beautiful day to be outside, and we had tons of fun together. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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