6:58:00 PM

Sweater: Gap | Skirt: The Limited | Shoes: Nine West | Jewelry: JCrew, Kenneth Cole watch | Brooch: Givenchy
When starting a new job, I always feel a little lost as I am learning the ropes. So today I felt like if I dressed smart, then maybe I would feel smart. Hence the prepster outfit. My love of stripes has gone south to include bottom options as well. Typically I don't like to highlight my derriere region, but I loved the burgundy color in this skirt and how it made me think of fall. This sweater has a cool sweatshirt patch detail at the neck, so I opted to accessorize with a brooch instead of a necklace...still giving the solid top a little zest.
This is how my dogs usually greet me when I come home from work...hugs and tons of kisses. Boxers truly are the best dogs!

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