Reading Corner: Orphan Train

8:38:00 AM

Book: Orphan Train
Author: Christina Baker Kline
Rating: 4 out of 5

Another surprisingly great read that was picked up on a whim. A friend of mine mentioned the book and that it was (at that time) only $1.99 as an ebook. So of course the bargain hunter in me was like "this is a great deal", and I pretty much read anything so it was quickly loaded onto my Nook. Orphan Train tells a story of a girl who travels to NY with her family only to have them all tragically pass away during a fire; leaving her an orphan. She travels on the orphan train to be picked up by families who are either looking for babies or hard labor. The story is told in a flashback form as she recounts her time moving from family to family to another orphan who has stumbled into her life. It is a very touching story that is a quick and easy read.

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