Philip Lim for Target

8:00:00 AM

Blouse: F21 | Skirt: Philip Lim for Target | Shoes: GoJane | Clutch: Nine West (old) | Jewelry: JCrew

The Philip Lim collaboration with Target is finally here! I woke up Sunday morning to a few texts from my sister advising me  that I should probably get to Target earlier than planned based on some of the news articles she had read the night before. So I quickly got dressed at 6:30AM (crazy, but I am an early-bird anyways) and was the first in line at my target; waiting for the doors to open. I wasn't lonely for company as another fashionista joined me shortly after my arrival. Once the doors opened, I was glad that I had arrived so early because there was limited supply of the items I truly wanted. Though I was disappointed that the tuxedo suit was not available in any of the Targets in my area, I was happy with the few things I was able to pick up. One being the above skirt with this amazing animal print variation; fun and flirty. 

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