DIY: Nail Art

6:33:00 PM

One of my favorite things to do is play with nail polish and art designs. I've been a bit lazy lately when it comes to painting my nails, but since the weather this morning was gloomy I decided to pick back up on my hobby. So I apologize in advance that my techniques are a little out of practice. Nail art inspiration can come from anywhere: actual art, nature, fashion. InStyle magazine has been putting together great articles on different art techniques that have either been run in fashion shows or are inspired by fashion. I pulled a nail art inspiration from my saved articles to try out today; inspired by the Spring 2013 Tracy Reese collection.

Essie's Absolutely Shore

I did not have the exact colors as shown in the article, but I pulled together from my own nail polish collection something similar that would achieve the look. I used OPI's Stranger Tides for the base, and Kiss Nail Art silver glitter for the stripes. Like I said, out of practice, but a fun activity for a rainy day. Try something that inspires you. :)

Base nail polish

Finished Product

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