Reading Corner: Written in My Own Heart's Blood

5:52:00 PM

Book: Written in My Own Heart's Blood
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Rating: 4 of 5

I have been eagerly waiting for the 8th installment of the Outlander series to be published, and it was almost kismet that it dropped the day before my birthday this year. This series is probably one of the most cherished group of books that I have read, and I recommend them to everyone. I actually stumbled across them while perusing Barnes and Noble years ago. While I was reading the synopsis of the first book, a random woman told me that it was an amazing book and that I wouldn't regret picking it up. She was right and it started a love affair with Diana Gabaldon and her illustrious cast of characters.

Essentially the story is about a woman named Claire who visits Scotland in the late 1940s while on her second honeymoon and happens to time travel to the 18th Century through some standing stones. There her life is irreversibly altered. I won't give all the juicy details away, but at its heart it is a love story with a mix of historical fiction. And as a bonus Starz has created it into a series that will premiere August 9th. I am beyond excited to see my favorite characters come to life.

The 8th installment is not my favorite of the group,but the 7th book ended with a such a cliffhanger that it was exciting to see what was next in their lives. Regardless, I still highly recommend you check it out! :)

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