Beach Ready

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Beach Ready

Beach season is just around the corner. Though it is hard to get prepped when the weather keeps jumping back and forth, I pulled together some inspiration thought starters.

1. Swim Silhouette: There are so many great silhouette options this season to find the perfect swimsuit for your shape. I personally have a suit in each of these options to change it up day to day. :)
 - The one piece is back, and it is not your grandmother's swimsuit. Don't be afraid of it! The marketplace has tons of great options with incredible prints and cut-outs in the right places.
 - If you don't want to go full body, but still want some coverage...go retro. A high waisted two piece could be just the thing for you. It is a little exotic but can be very sexy.
 - And of course there is the standard two piece. I love all the new combinations this season with bold prints, cut-outs, and surf inspiration.
2. Cover-up is Key: It is important to find the perfect cover-up option that can take you not only to the beach but to the snow cone shop as well. Find a dress-like option that gives you coverage but is still light and airy.
3. Accessorize:
 - Hats are on trend this year...panama, floppy, baseball. You really can't go wrong, and it keeps your skin protected from the sun.
 - Try fun and flirty sunglasses in any shade combo.
 - Like your cover-up, have options in shoes that can transform for any occasion. Printed flip-flops are great for day, but sometimes you need a wedge for that poolside party.
 - And last but not least, find the ultimate bag to carry everything in. I think all the kitchy tote bags are fun for the summer season. 

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  1. Thank you! I look forward to seeing what other suggestions you have as it gets warmer. Love it! - Amy


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