Christmas Time

11:21:00 AM

It is hard to believe how quickly Christmas comes and goes when we spend so much time preparing for one special day. This year I hosted Christmas, so our house was a bustle of small feet running around, a pack of dogs grazing for food, and a jolly time catching up with friends and family.
Christmas Eve started out with my sister and me entertaining the young ones by decorating a Gingerbread House. It was messy fun (the best kind)! Good thing we are not actual house contractors because our house collapsed pretty quickly...probably due to the weight of our icing roof. Oops!

 Then on Christmas day we hosted a late lunch filled with great food, cocktails, and Christmas cheer! Couldn't have completed it all without the help of my wonderful parents who bring their expertise on food prep and cooking. Another year complete....ready to start planning for next Christmas. :)

Mom and Pops

Mom, Pops, Codi (my niece), and Me

Jean, Chris (my husband), and Me

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