New Orleans

3:00:00 PM

My wonderful sister turned 30 in December, and to celebrate her birthday we took a road trip to New Orleans. I've been to this historic city before, but more as a pass through, so I was exciting to see the sites and go out on Bourbon Street. Once we got there, we started the site-seeing straight away. First, we started at St. Louis Cathedral, which had the most amazing ceiling art.

And of course site-seeing also involves some great people watching. Who doesn't love human statues?

Second on the list was the infamous Saint Louis Cemetery, which definitely could be scary for the night tours.

Night-time activities included lots of drinking and dancing the night away on Bourbon Street.

The city was truly amazing, and I was sad to leave. We will definitely be going back. And of course, on our way out, I found myself a little boxer stuffed animal that reminded me of my loves back home. :)

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