Graffiti - Lace - Popcorn

6:00:00 AM

Photography: April Bryan (a.k.a. my gorgeous sister)

Romper: AE Outfitters | Shoes: Old Navy | Bag: Old Navy | Jewelry: Kendra Scott ring, authentic earrings

My birthday was this past week, and my sister decided to come visit for a few days. Always exciting and fun to have her around. She is the perfect partner to go exploring with and bounce ideas off of for fun, creative projects. We did a little antique hunting and then strolled through historic downtown McKinney. Such an amazing area for unique shops and restaurants. I don't know why I haven't taken the hike over there sooner.
One of our new favorite places is the Mom and Popcorn Company. The shop is adorable with barrels of classic candy, sodas in glass bottles, and a plethora of unique popcorn flavors to pick from. Our go-to was a mix of white cheddar and sea salt & cracked pepper. The best part is that you can order online to share with your friends and family. Check them out here. I definitely will be a repeat customer! :)

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