Body Con

6:00:00 AM

Dress: lucca couture (options here, here and here) | Heels: ShoeMint (options here and here) | Bag: Zara (option here)

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  1. Love this dress and I love your tats! I love how you do things so you can just barely see them. Any ideas of what to do with bathing suits? I noticed a new trend with bathing suits with lots of weird strap designs. Is that a trend or something that will stick for a little bit? I'm kind of worried about the tan lines but some of them look pretty good. Would love to see your thoughts and ideas on the matter. I love this blog! - Amy

    1. Hey Amy - I am glad you enjoy my blog. Thanks for following! For bathing suits, the strappy details are definitely a trend, but I think it will stick around for a few seasons. I love the options by MIKOH and currently own the Seychelles silhouette. It is tricky getting into it, but it is comfortable and flattering. Tan lines are a major con to these styles, however, you can always rotate with a more basic style that is tan friendly to help mitigate unnecessary lines. Or if you want to try something trendy without the lines, I suggest looking at the halter top versions that have surfaced this season. Best of luck! - individually abby

  2. Great idea, that suit is definitely interesting. I looked it up and it does look tricky to get into! I might give it a shot. I probably need to see it in person. Thank you! - Amy


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