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When the fall season comes around each year, I always think of it as a time for new beginnings and discovery of yourself and your surroundings. With fall just around the corner, today's Read-Watch-Listen circles around that theme of discovery.


Arranged by Catherine McKenzie was probably my favorite summer read this year. It is a story of a 30 something girl who fails consistently in love. She discovers a service for arranged marriages and decides to forgo the norm and venture down a unique path to find love. A few plot twists in this page turner as you follow Anne through trials of finding her future. A must read that I can't stop raving about.


Selfie is new to TV this fall. I'll be honest and say that the previews do no do this justice. It was a show I had planned to pass on, but currently you can digitally preview the pilot and the show is not at all what I thought it would be. Nothing else on, so why not? With the crazy digital/technology age we are in, it is about time to have a show that pokes fun at how poor we have become as a society in communicating person-to-person. It has a strong parallel to "My Fair Lady" that is transformed into current situations. Check it out now online or wait for the premiere later this month.


I am not sure how I came across Olafur Arnalds, but upon first listen I have been obsessed. For the most part, his music is purely instrumental. But there is something about a song without words that can feed your soul. It is my go to on days where I just need a breathe of fresh air. "Living Room Songs" is the first record I discovered from him, but really all of his work is excellent. Available on iTunes...check it out!

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