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Today is my first installment of what I hope becomes a recurring post on what to Read-Watch-Listen. I am somewhat of an artistic person and love to be swept away from my world through entertainment. For the month of July, here are some of my favorite things that hopefully you will check out.


Still Foolin' 'Em by Billy Crystal
I fell in love with Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally. I mean, who didn't? (If you haven't seen it, go find it on Netflix now.) In reading his memoir, there was so much more to discover about his journey in the entertainment business. He truly seems like an amazing person. You will laugh and cry throughout the book. Favorite bookstore find this month.


Chasing Life on abc family.
Yes, I know, it is abc family. But surprisingly there can be some entertaining shows on that network. This show deals with a young woman, just starting her career and a new relationship, who finds out she has cancer. A really touching and heartfelt show that I feel has been missing on any network for all ages. Not everything should be about sex, glamour, and blowing stuff up. What happened to real life stories? I digress. Check it out if you have the won't be disappointed.


Ed Sheeran, x

I have been a fan of Ed Sheeran since his debut last year on the radio. He has an interesting folk sound which is a nice change to all the standard pop music of today. A co-worker actually turned me on to his new album which I love. Typically I just pick a few songs off an album, but every song on this one is a gem.

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