Tunic - Dress

6:00:00 AM

Tunic: Free People | Sandals: Free People | Bag: Urban Outfitters (options here and here) | Jewelry: Kendra Scott earrings, Kendra Scott and Madewell rings

Tunic or dress? You never know in today's world of mini dresses and short skirts. I bought this tunic thinking it would be a great addition to my winter wardrobe over jeans. However, as I was checking out, the sales girl mentioned how jealous she was that I was buying her favorite dress. It had me thinking...does this have more opportunity than just a top? Today's adventure was exploring this as a dress. I didn't have the courage to do it though without some athletic shorts underneath. A girl never knows when a swift breeze will wreck havoc on a soft dress/skirt. And I didn't need to express my Marilyn side in public just yet. What do you think?
Regardless, as for any Free People piece, I am in love. Makes me wish for leaves to turn with the impending Fall brisk weather. Time flies fast, so it will be here soon enough!

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